Both VDSL2 and ADSL2+ were developed with the same idea, the ability to provide the internet, in a cost efficient way, to millions of users worldwide. Both technologies have their good points as well as their limitations. Both VDSL2 and ADSL2+ use existing telephone wire to bring high speed internet contractions to business and homes. Finding the correct solution for each deployment can be a challenge, we are here to assist you in making those choices.

VDSL2 is a modification of the previous VDSL standard. This was created to allow a greater increase in bandwidth, up to 100Mbps, at a distance up to 900 feet. The increase in bandwidth allows VDSL2 to be the perfect medium to provide triple-play technologies (Voice, Video, and Data) to end users. Like ADSL2+, VDSL2 allows both voice and data to be transported over the dame telephone line currently installed at most customer locations, without the need for expensive cabling to be done.

ADSL2+ is a modification of the ADSL standard first developed in the 1990’s. ADSL allows both voice and data to be delivered on the same POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Line). The use of filters and splitters help separate the voice and the data at the customer’s location. ADSL2+ can be deployed up to 20,000ft. but is usually limited to 14,000ft.; and, speeds can go as high as 24Mbits downstream and 3Mbits upstream. The data is delivered asymmetrically both to provide consumers with a higher downstream bandwidth, to provide internet content faster, as well as a lower upstream limit to prevent attenuation issues as the CO (DSL DSLAM location).

At Data Connect, we offer a wide range of products to suite your network needs. We can assist you in finding a solution that maximizes your investment while providing the solutions that will benefit your customers both now and for years to come. With the ability to reuse and preserve the current infrastructure at your customer’s locations, DSL is a wise choice to assist you in providing broadband services to your customers.


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