Ethernet Serial Server allows a “remote” serial port to connect any LAN connected workstation via telnet or portredirector software. The Ethernet Serial Server also connects any two asynchronous serial devices through a LAN, even via routers, when used in client-server. The Ethernet Serial Server is often used with serial devices such as remote data collection terminals, SCADA, building automation equipment, UPS’s, bar code scanners, or climate control devices. It is used to connect serial management ports directly to an Ethernet network for “in-band” control of “out-of -band” devices. For this application, simply telnet to the serial management port of the connected device or use inexpensive (or free) port redirector software.

The network switch plays an integral part in most modern Ethernet Local Area Networks (LANs). Mid-to-large sized LANs contain a number of linked managed switches. Small Office or Home Office (SOHO) applications typically use a single switch, or an all-purpose converged device such as a residential gateway to access small office/home broadband services such as DSL or Cable Internet. In most of these cases, the end-user device contains a router and components that interface to the particular physical broadband technology. User devices may also include a telephone interface for VoIP.

An Ethernet switch operates at the data link layer of the OSI model to create a separate collision domain for each switch port. With 4 computers (e.g., A, B, C, and D) on 4 switch ports, A and B can transfer data back and forth, while C and D also do so simultaneously, and the two conversations will not interfere with one another. In the case of a hub, they would all share the bandwidth and run in half duplex, resulting in collisions, which would then necessitate retransmissions. Using a switch is called micro segmentation. This allows computers to have dedicated bandwidth on point-to-point connections to the network and to therefore run in full duplex without collisions.

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