The Data Connect Intelligent Channel Bank Digital Access Cross-Connect System (ICB-DACS) series products are Full Scale DACS MUXs which support Channel Bank Applications as well as multiplexing of various digital access interfaces including Voice & Data, T1, E1, Ethernet, and Fiber for convenient transport and switching. The ICB-DACS provides access for a wide variety of TDM, packet, and voice interfaces exhibited on the following page. These interfaces are compatible with other Data Connect products.
The ICB-DACS can also act as a mini DACS Drop & Insert Link. One or more of the WAN ports can be used as a Drop & Insert function with fractional T1/E1 lines, which can be multiplexed into a full T1/E1 line. Furthermore, the ICB-DACS supports TDM circuit emulation protocols. TDM data and voice services can be encapsulated as Pseudo-wires and transported over Ethernet / Internet Protocol / MPLS packet switch networks.
The ICB-DACS controller module provides full non- blocking Nx64K cross-connect matrix up to 2048 DS0. System redundancy is available in dual redundant controller and power redundant modules, making it an excellent fit for critical Carrier applications. While 1+1 link protection is available for T1, E1, and TDMoEA modules, path protection for end-to-end Nx64K circuit protection is available for 3 Channel T1/E1.
The ICB-DACS supports local control and diagnostics by using a VT-100 terminal connected to the console port. It supports Ethernet, Telnet, and SNMP, so that it can be controlled and diagnosed from remote ends. An in-band management channel with GUI is available as well.
The ICB-DACS comes in 5 different chassis sizes to fit a broad range of Applications and budgets and has a number of chassis slots in Full and Half sizes. The card size to slot compatibility is exhibited on the following page. Most of the chassis cards are hot-swappable and have LED indicators. The ICB-DACS consists of a rugged industrial grade reinforced aluminum chassis, giving this equipment a durable structure and a long-lasting physical life for Telco, Colocation, Carrier and large Enterprise Applications.


DACS – Digital Access Cross-Connect System