Data Connect


This Pre-wired 66 block is made for many PBX, telephone systems and other low voltage terminal equipment.  It provides an excellent demarcation point for the end users equipment and the Telephone Company.
This Prewired 66 block was designed with ease of use in mind with fast installation of your 25 pair cable.
Every Prewired 66 block is tested and that saves labor and install time.  1. Housing is made of high impact flame retardant plastic UL 94V0 2. IDC: Brass 100 micro inch of tin 3. Terminals are made of gold over nickel plated copper alloy


  • Hinged Cover Sold Separately
  • Voice Grade
  • 50-Pair
  • `Amphenol-style’ Telco Connectors
  • USOC Wired



  • Storage of the Prewired 66 blocks -40 to +70 Celsius
  • The operating temperature is from -10 to +60 Celsius
  • 93% Non condensing


  • Insulation electrical resistance is -500 mohm min @ 100V DC
  • Withstanding dielectric low voltage -1000 RMS @ 60hz for 60 seconds
  • The resistance of the contacts is 2.5 MOHMS MAX


  • The minimum extraction force for 24 AWG is 5N
  • Life for insertion and extraction is 200 cycles minimum
  • Wire gauge used for these blocks is 22 to 26AWG