The Data Connect MIU-LP Modem Series models are MIU9.6LP, MIU14.4LP, MIU28.8LP, MIU33.6LP and the MIU56LP, all upgrades for the original MIU Series. The MIU-LP Series of wire-line data modems incorporate the latest advances in modem design to deliver efficient and reliable performance. MIU-LP Series is designed for industrial networks, data centers and remote management applications that require high-speed connections. MIU-LP Modem Series offer superior price, performance and a robust feature set that will meet or exceed your communication requirements.
The complex network configurations often incorporate a variety of data set interfaces, each requiring separate modems types. The result has been a requirement to stock seldom used parts, often in significant quantity. Now, the DCE MIU-LP Modem Series offers an all-in-one solution for a wide range of applications. Backed by a two year warranty, the MIU-LP Modem Series is capable of operating in either 2 or 4 wire configurations on dial-up, leased line, or short haul networks. Protocol support includes V.92 (56), V.34bis (33.6), V.34 (28.8), V.32bis (14.4), V.32 (9.6) as well as Bell 212A 1.2 and 103j 300 Baud.
With its standard power saving standby mode and instantaneous (zero character loss) recovery, the MIU-LP Modem Series makes the perfect choice for high (DC 125 Volts) and low power (DC 9-14 Volts) for battery-operated applications.
Because one model meets all of your application requirements, the MIU-LP Modem Series reduces stocking and spares costs while providing additional project flexibility. MIU-LP Modem Series have been developed to meet the stringent environmental and performance demands of the commercial and industrial applications. Every component, switch and connector is selected for its ability to withstand industrial environmental demands. The MIU-LP Modem Series models are MIU9.6LP, MIU14.4LP, MIU28.8LP, MIU33.6LP and MIU56LP are built to meet the most stringent criteria. Temperature ratings, for stringent example, range from minus 20C to plus 70C. Versatile power supply options will satisfy any industrial application. The MIU-LP Modem Series is available in commercial and industrial stand-alone configurations





  • All In One Design – One Model To Support 2-wire and 4-wire Operation
  • Lease Line, Dial-up, Short Haul
  • V.34, V.32bis, V.32, Bell 212A, 103j Standard Error Correction and compression
  • AT Command Set
  • Standalone or Rack Mount
  • 9 – 14VDC (power pack included) or 48VDC


  • One Model Feature Set – Reduce Inventory
  • V.34, V.32 and many other protocols
  • Flexible Power Requirements
  • Latest chip set – long term availability
  • Standalone, Rack, or Wall Mount Remote
  • AT Configuration
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


Compatibility – V.92, V34.bis, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, V.21, BELL 212A, BELL 103J.
DTE Interface – Physical DB25 connector
Electrical – RS-232F (V.24)
Formats and Rates – Asynchronous, Auto-baud or selectable to 115.2Kbps with V.34 or 57.6Kbps with V.32bis
Auto Dial Modes – Standard AT compatible dial commands or DTR dial of stored number
Answer Modes – Standard auto answer or manual answer under DTE control
Error Correction – V.42 and MNP 2-4 error correction
Data Compression – V.42bis and MNP5 data compression
Configuration Control – Standard AT commands for both local and remote configuration
Diagnostics – V.54 through AT commands
Network Interface: Dial-up – 2-Wire Pulse or DTMF XMT level: 12dBm RCV sensitivity -43dBm 2-wire and 4-Wire Full Duplex Leased and short-haul XMT level: Adjustable RCV sensitivity -43dBm
Power Stand-alone – single-port automatically adjust to 9-14VDC unregulated, or regulated 5VDC ± 5% (ripple < 100mv), Optional 48VDC supply available upon request
115VAC to 9VDC Wall Transformer included with all standalone configurations
Power Chassis – automatically adjusts to 85-265VAC, 27-440Hz. Optional 48VDC supply
Environmental – Operating temperature range: – 20C to 70C. Humidity: 90% non-condensing
Approvals – FCC Part 68 & Part 15, Class A. Optional: International approvals available
Physical Standalone Dimensions – 5.30″L x 5.05″W x 1.53″H. Weight: 12oz. Rack mount
Physical Chassis Dimensions – 4.73″L x 4.60″W x .80″H. Weight: 9oz.



MIU9.6LP – 9.6 Kbps 2-Wire Dial & 2 / 4-Wire Leased or Private Lines

MIU14.4LP – 14.4 Kbps 2-Wire Dial & 2 / 4-Wire Leased or Private Lines

MIU28.8LP – 28.8 Kbps 2-Wire Dial & 2 / 4-Wire Leased or Private Lines

MIU33.6LP – 33.6 Kbps 2-Wire Dial & 2 / 4-Wire Leased or Private Lines

MIU56LP – 56 Kbps 2-Wire Dial (See Separate Specs Sheet)