DCE’s CDR-IOE Multifunction I/O module is ideal for small to medium size industrial

automation projects utilizing industry standard analog, digital, or pulse sensors, and

requiring industrial rated output control to manage anything from indicator lamps to

motor start/stop operations.

The CDR-IOE is a 16 pin multifunction I/O module consisting of 8 open collector

outputs, and 8 multifunction inputs, all of which can be configured for analog, digital,

or pulse operation under software control. Data communications between the CDRIOE

and the Automation Controller is provided by a 2-wire RS485 connection.

Connections are provided to daisy chain both the RS485 and power circuits for

expansion. A passive termination is switch selectable for the last unit in the RS485

string, and dipswitch controlled pull up resistors on the inputs are standard.



  • Versatile industrial rated I/O module
  • 8 Open collector outputs
  • 8 Multifunction inputs
  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Pulse
  • RS485 communications
  • DC power 9 24 volts
  • Switch selectable pull-ups
  • Switch selectable RS485 termination
  • Daisy chain power and communications
  • DIN mount


DCE Multifunction I/O Module

Specifications CDR-IOE

Pulse Inputs:

Minimum Pulse width – 3 msec

Maximum Pulse Count Stored between reads – 32767

Analog Inputs:

Analog Input Measurable Range – 0 – 5 volts

Analog Read Frequency – 20 Hz

Analog Input A/D Conversion – 12 bit with 10 mV offset

Digital Input Specifications

Maximum Input Voltage – 30 volts

Input Logic – Low <1 volt; High >4 volts

Sample Rate – 512 Hz

Digital Outputs:

Open Collector Output Rating – 30 volts

350 ma, 250 ma with all inputs on

Maximum Update Frequency – 60 Hz

Pulse Width Modulation – 7.8 KHz, 8 bit

Control Interface

RS485 2 wire

Protocol – DCE Automation Control proprietary


9 – 24 VDC

Requires 100ma power excluding active outputs


35 mm DIN


4.22 X 2.8 X 1.33 inches


Temperature minus 30 to plus 70 C

Humidity – less than 90% non-condensing

Designed and Manufactured in the USA