With its large memory footprint, variety of LAN connections, selection of development tools, and an externally

accessible micro SD socket, the DCE/CDR-LTE4G/3G is ready to meet all your application requirements on

three distinct levels.


Out of the box, the DCE/CDR-LTE4G/3G is a complete cellular router, a single SKU providing communications,

security, location, and protocol support. With an advanced serial PAD feature and Data Connect’s unique suite of SMS

maintenance commands, it is in a class by itself. Carrier switching provides on-boardsupport for all North American LTE

networks and is accomplished through a simple administrative web screen.


Monitoring and control applications are quickly deployed with Data Connect’s Automation Control, a

no-coding, rapid development toolset that gets maintainable solutions to market faster and at a lower

cost than legacy PLC approaches. Automation Control is a software PLC type application based on

an intuitive, menu based rapid development environment.


For specialized applications requiring custom coding Data Connect supports a download able cross

compile development environment, a tested source distribution, and a fully documented tool chain.

The DCE/CDR-LTE4G/3G is code and application compatible with Data Connect Ethernet Server.

This means that both Automation Control and coded applications developed for wireless networks are

easily transferred to wired or hybrid networks. In addition, whether it is operating as a

communications device or as an application controller, Data Connect Cloud system is available to

provide a detailed visualization of network, platform, and application operations.


LTE Bands 2,4,5,13,17,25

HSPA Bands 1,2,4,5,8

CDMA Bands 0,1,10

GPRS – Quad Band

GPS -Active or Passive Antenna


Ethernet, USB (host),

USB (client), RS232, RS485

Micro-SD card slot

Firewall with TCP/UDP port forwarding

No Charge development Kit

Private Labeling Available

LAN Addressing – Class C address range

DIN rail mountable

Web Based Administration

Built-in serial PAD – TCP/UDP

Over-The-Air Updates

Linux 3.16.X OS

Multiple time source selection

DC Power – 9 – 24VDC



Wireless WAN

2- SMA antenna connectors for cellular diversity, 1 – SMA for GPS)


  • 800MHz (BC0)
  • 800MHz (BC10)
  • 1900MHz (BC1)
  • 700MHz (B13) (B17)
  • 850MHz (B5)
  • AWS (B4)
  • 1900 (B2) (B25)
  • 850MHz (B5)
  • 900 (B8)
  • AWS (B4)
  • 1900 (B2)
  • 2100 (B1)

Location: GPS/Glonass


Local Interfaces

1- Ethernet 10/100 – (RJ45)

1 – RS232 (terminal block)

2 – RS485 (terminal block)

1 – USB Host – Full Speed (Type A)

1 – USB Client/Host – High Speed (micro)

supports RNDIS/EEM/ECM

External Storage micro SD connection (externally accessible)

Discrete I/O 1 – Digital Input, 1 – Analog Input, 1 – Digital Output – I/O Expansion Available


OS – Linux 3.16

Processor – ARM9 (Atmel)

Memory (RAM) – 128 MB

Memory (Flash) – 256 MB

Rapid Development Tools

DCE Server – Visualization and management

Automation Control – Software PLC

IntPlus – XML Interface

Development Environment

Prebuilt Uboot & boot loader

BuildRoot for Glibc

Flashing tools

Pre-built Applications

TCOPlus – Advanced Administration

Navigation – LBS/AVL Interface

Irrigation – Commercial Irrigation control

Power and Environmental

Operating and Storage Temperature Range

-30C to +70C Humidity 90% non-condensing

Input Power

9 – 24 VDC

Power Consumption @12VDC

Radio connected to serving network – 190ma (typical)*

*Ethernet not connected – variable due to network signal strength

Dimensions 5.48″L x 4.72″W x 1.45″H. Weight: 10 oz without wall power adapter

Designed and Manufactured in the USA