GSM Edge Routers


WAN Connectivity – EDGE with seamless GPRS fallback, SMS LAN Connectivity – Ethernet, RS232, USB, serial application port, discrete input, discrete output
Warranty – 1 Year Limited Warranty


Data Connect’s CDR-GPRS Series has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of wireless machine-to-machine communications for high volume OEM and VAR implementations. The CDR-GPRS Series allows customers to quickly and economically integrate wireless IP and GPS capabilities into real-time M2M networks with a degree of reliability that could never be obtained using wireless modems.

Data Connect’s CDR-GPRS Series wireless routers provide OEM and VAR customers with a cost effective private label product that incorporates the “must have” features found on Data Connect’s popular CDR-GPRS line. Standard features include Ethernet and serial interfaces, as well as discrete I/O and an SMS capability. Users will experience the familiar web based interface first introduced on the models and enjoy the same levels of network performance and reliability that Data Connect’s always available connection management logic has provided for many years.

Unlike the majority of the Ethernet capable wireless modems being deployed Data Connect’s CDR-GPRS Series is designed to manage an entire LAN segment, simultaneously routing traffic between a combination of serial and Ethernet devices and one or more head-end servers.



  • Reliable Linux 2.6 OS
  • EDGE WAN Interface Automatic fallback to GPRS
  • WAN—Always Available or On Demand
  • Ethernet (RJ-45) port
  • RS-232 Serial port
  • RS485 and USB Host – CDR-GPRS-USB
  • Additional Serial applications port
  • Discrete Input Output interfaces
  • Web Based Administrative Remote/Local
  • VPN Pass Through SMS-MO/MT
  • TCO Plus (Optional)

Over The Air Firmware Upgrades

Over The Air Status

Detailed Network Logging

Out of Band (SMS) Control

Push Button Configuration

Built In DDNS Capabilities

With well over

GSM Edge Router

85% of the global market share over 50% of the US market the GSM network technologies are the right answer for many applications. The Data Connects CDR-GPRS series is a true global solution providing GPRS and EDGE data connectivity over four frequency bands. The CDR-GPRS is a completely self-contained industrial strength IP router based on the reliable Linux operating system and a tightly coupled, always available GPRS/EDGE WAN interface. Data Connects extensive IP networking capabilities and detailed status screens are all available through the same intuitive web based user interface found on all Data Connects wireless routers and the same rich set of administrative and management features are available in the TCOP package. Of course the industrial strength  feature that have made previous Data Connect wireless routers the gold standard of reliability are all in the CDR-GPRS along with some new ones like a rugged slide out SIM carrier socket that maintains positive contact under extreme conditions to eliminate a common source of post-deployments faults. With GPRS+EDGE performance and the Data Connect wireless routers built in reliability the CDR-GPRS is the right solution for your global GSM network needs.



  • Linux 2.6 OS
  • 100MIPS RISC processor
  • HTTP, FTP, and Telnet Access
  • Remote (WAN) Management – Can be disabled


  • DHCP Server
  • DHCP Client
  • NAT – Can be disabled
  • Port Forwarding

Cellular WAN Interface

  • Packet transmission at air interface speed
  • Full function firewall
  • Dynamic or Static Wireless Network Addressing
  • DNS – Preset or from Wireless network
  • SMS – Two-way Built in Command Set
  • DDNS (BIND, Window Server, or EW/UDP)
  • High reliability SIM carrier socket

Wireless WAN

SMA Antenna connector

Radio Interface
Radio –Cinterion MC75i
GSM/GPRS/EDGE-Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
EDGE (E-GPRS)-Multi-slot class 12
GPRS—Multi-slot class 12
GSM—Release 99


Auto Full or Half Duplex
10 or 100 base T—Auto polarity sensing
Serial—Application port (GPS, etc)
RS485 and USB Host – CDR-GPRS-USB

Discrete I/O

Contact Closure (Input)
Relay Driver (Output)

Power and Environmental

Operating and Storage Temperature Range
-30°C to +70°C Humidity 90% non-condensing

Input Power

Power Consumption @ 12VDC
Radio Dormant –Ethernet connected -106ma
Radio Transmitting – Ethernet connected -160ma

Dimensions — CDR-GPRS: 4.5”L x 5.3”W x 1.2”H Weight: 10oz
CDR-GPRS-USB: 5.25”L x 5.3”W x 1.2”H Weight: 12oz    


 Ordering Information

CDR-GPRS                     GSM Edge Router, GPRS Fallback, RS232, EVDO, 1xRTT
CDR-GPRS-USB           GSM Edge Router, GPRS Fallback, USB+RS232, EVDO 1xRTT