partnerSatisfied Service Providers

Internet service provider, conceptual computer artwork.No Service Provider can afford to gamble with their network expansion.  Service Providers, large and small, rely on Data Connect to provide reliable network infrastructure solutions.  Our proven DSL CPE and DSLAM access solutions enable Service Providers to enjoy rapid low cost deployment and reduced total cost of operation compared to other solutions.  Data Connect’s ADSL CPE and DSLAM solutions are frequently deployed as a way to offer low cost ADSL services. Our ADSL CPEs can be Service Provider branded with minimal upfront commitments.  Data Connect’s VDSL CPE and DSLAM solutions are frequently deployed for new high speed last mile connectivity using the latest 100Mbps bidirectional VDSL 30a profile technology.  Perfect for triple play applications, for MTU/MDU applications, and for extending fiber from the curb to clients premises  Just like our ADSL solutions our VDSL CPEs can be Service Provider branded with minimal upfront commitment.
Successful Service Providers build resilient and effective network infrastructure and develop solid support procedures for dependable customer service in order to reduce churn and maximize recurring revenues.  However few Service Providers are interested in developing logistics, configuring devices, handling QC, managing shipping and dealing with the reverse logistics part of their business.  Data Connect has solutions and procedures to help automate pre-configuration and bundles products for easy fulfillment. This helps simplify operations, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.  Data Connect has become a key partner to Service Providers in the fulfillment of Customer Premise Equipment and last mile connectivity needs.  Let us help you reduce your operating cost by providing pre-configuration and pre-assembly of your CPE equipment, and by handling your logistics and reverse logistics management.